43k Creative

An eclectic collection of entrepreneurial endeavours from Gorillaface and Rabbit Girl.
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tonic-design provides a full interiors design & install service from initial site survey, through to fit-out, or any stage in between.

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A personalised copywriting service for companies, sole traders, charities, artists, entertainers, inspirationalists, in fact anyone with a website.

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fortythree photography

FortyThreePhotography is open to commissions for architectural, portrait, landscape, website content & miscellaneous photographic endeavours!

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tonic-design woodwork

Designing and building bespoke furniture, restoring timber floors to their former glory, plus other interior & exterior woodwork projects.

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Karma Sukha

Facilitating Happiness! Retreats, Experience Days, Happiness Hampers, and Mindful Gifts.

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mccarthy arts

Words, images, imaginings, objects, and random acts of creativity by Kerry McCarthy.

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Be More Keanu

Be kind, be humble, be thankful, be generous, be understanding, be your best you… be more Keanu!

Hi! If you're interested in what we do and would like us to do something wonderful for you - just click the relevant link above or send us a message below!

About Us

In a notebook we once wrote "we wish we were cats".
"take inspired action, go for a nice walk"

We are a not-quite-husband-and-wife team that dabbles in all manner of creative activities. We met on the way to a festival in Croatia and on our journey discovered that we share a passion for music, bikes, old cars, walks on desolate beaches, photography, puns, the setting sun, a cheeky tipple, the uncanny, the odd, and the Oddy. Kerry, aka Rabbit Girl, is a writer and artist, and is in the process of making her dreams of "doing wholesome wellbeing stuff" come true. Ant, aka Gorillaface, is a designer, project manager, photographer, doer and maker, with an extraordinary eye for detail. Together we are 43k Creative.


aka Rabbit Girl
Writer, artist, collector of sounds, rider of bikes, consumer of chocolate, devourer of books, and puller of yoga poses. Trading as Written, McCarthy Arts and pretty soon – Wholesome Well Beings.


aka Gorillaface
Designer, surveyor, project manager, wielder of camera, master of wood, rider of bikes, king of manuals, peruser of abandoned spaces. Trading as tonic-design, tonic -design Woodwork and Fortythree Photography.

If you're interested in what we do and would like us to do something wonderful for you - send us a message!

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