Iceland Fundraiser – Over £2,200 Raised!

What an incredible adventure, and the perfect gateway to a wonderful new chapter for 43k Creative as I launch Karma Sukha!

Day 1. A visit to Hengill, with views of Thingvallavatn Lake. Not sure of the distance but was approx 11 miles over 7 hours! More snow than I expected, totally amazing and actually bloody hard hard going! Trekked where two tectonic plates are parting, seriously so damn cool! A bit like having one foot in North America, the other in Europe.

Day 2. Hveragerdi – here we come! If we don’t make the whole route today the only way back is by helicopter! 10 ish miles, 6 hours, steam vents, volcanoes (the type of one is exclusive Iceland and Mars!) , lava fields, fumeroles, bathing in geothermal streams, and very deep snow in an isolated valley. Today was AWESOME.

Day 3. Thingvellir National Park. This is where the only bit of the mid-Atlantic ridge is visible above the ocean! Kinda squeezing in between the North American and European plate. Bonkers. Also, saw a wall that was formed during 7 years of geological activity, drank the purest glacial water going, crossed a couple of fissures, saw some epic waterfalls and topped it off by being on a plateau surrounded on all sides by volcanoes. Today was triple AWESOME.

Day 4. Pure indulgence as I spent a morning at the Blue Lagoon. If you like a pamper make this a bucket list thing!

The total raised so far for St Helena Hospice is just over £40,000 between a group of 15! Incredible! That gives 25 patients and their families support for a whole year! Thanks to everyone who supported my part in the fundraising – total so far £2286.12.