April 30, 2018

Privacy Policy

Hands on hearts we promise to never give your personal data away, or spam you with stuff you aren’t interested in.

For the sake of clarification for the new General Data Protection Regulations: The only data we collect will be names, emails, and occasionally phone numbers through our contact form, which should be encrypted and secure. This information will probably be added to our email server, again which should be encrypted and GDPR compliant. Any paper documentation with your details on will be shredded before disposal. Please presume that your details will be kept on file for a maximum of 10 years – purely because we don’t spend too much time clearing lists out. If you wish us to forget your details sooner than that, just let us know. Finally – if you want to know what details we hold about you, just ask – it’ll probably just be name, email and phone number.

Please note that this privacy policy pertains to all the trading entities under 43k Creative Ltd.