June 22, 2018


I believe that every individual is a bundle of awesome talents and skills, the result of a myriad of experiences and interests, and that each of these things should be documented somewhere to show the world how much that individual can shine. So, instead of doing a regular “about” page, I’m collating some random info that will hopefully give you an idea of who I am and the skills I have 🙂



☼ Writer, artist, creator of online content, editor of magazines, giver of advice about how to write engaging content.

☼ Practicing to become a wellbeing and yoga retreat host.

☼ In possession of a license to sell and serve alcohol.

☼ NCTJ qualified in periodical writing and media law, libel, and slander.

☼ BA Hons Fine Art.

☼ Half a degree in Environmental Science – this is a funny story, ask me about it sometime.

☼ Member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

☼ Mother to three supreme humans who are all rocking their power, and achieving their own awesome goals.

☼ Baker of the most awesome gluten free Victoria Sponge Cake.

☼ Love to: dance to REALLY loud music, go for walks, collect sounds, do yoga, ride my bike, be pampered, watch clouds, read sci-fi, and drink delicious alcoholic beverages. Not all at once.

☼ Working on: letting go of fear and doubt to be able to achieve my dreams of awesome adventures around the world, and perfecting all variations of headstand.

☼ Ex-smoker, persistent daydreamer, and fully believe “I’ll get there!”

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